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Success4All Learning Hubs and Clubs

Photo of Success4AllAbout the project

Success4All is a social enterprise established in 2006 running community learning hubs and clubs in areas of Newcastle upon Tyne marked by low academic achievement. They provide low-cost private education to those who do not have the finances or to those who do not live in the ‘right’ catchment areas to be sent to a ‘good’ school. 

Their six learning hubs and clubs provide a relaxed and homely learning environment for children, young people and their families and aim to fill the gap between home and school by engaging, equipping and empowering the community through peer tutoring and befriending. The children and young people have the opportunity to work independently, collaboratively or with a trained peer tutor/befriender to complete homework, engage in educational activities set or do their own research.

Success4All also helps parents to understand the education system and the expectations of academic standards at particular levels and support them in running a learning hub or club. They also help volunteers to do this as well as providing volunteers with accredited training.

Project outcomes

Impact on mentees/befriendees:

  • Between 2011 and 2012: 291 children and young people and 9 parents benefited from the one-to-one tutoring/befriending programme and from acquiring skills in their clubs, workshops and summer schools.
  • 95% of 8-16 year olds stayed in education.
  • 80% of 16+ year olds gained access to higher education, training or apprenticeships.
  • 15 (16+ and parents) secured a job.
  • 94% of pupils said their confidence in learning had improved, 83% that their grades had improved and 98% that they found the peer tutors helpful. 

Impact on mentors/befrienders:

  • 97 people volunteered as peer tutors/befrienders, as project leaders running clubs and workshops plus other volunteer roles.
  • 13 secured a job.
  • 7 accessed further training or higher education.
  • 7 gained accreditation.

Social return on investment:

An approximate 4,850 hours (based on an average of 50 hours per volunteer) were given freely by our volunteers to help build a successful future for all. To calculate the Social Return on Investment, the service multiplied these free hours by the UK’s average wage per hour which is £12.52 or UK’s minimum wage in 2012 per hour which is £6.19. The social return on investment then varies between £60,722 and £30,022.

Impact statements

Tutee/Mentee 1
“Before I had a mentor I felt like not doing any work, I wasn’t motivated, but once I had a mentor I felt more motivated to do work because someone was there encouraging me. I have noticed that I now strive to do the best I can do to the best of my ability.”

Tutee/Mentee 2
“Before I was doing well at school and when Arte came, I felt that I started doing really well at school. It helped me to be more confident in many subjects such as: Maths, English and Science. Arte has brought in cakes and ice cream when we have been really good, and has brought fun to all the sessions. She even gives us an extra biscuit if we are good too. We  have wrote stories together, designed the book together, and we have done lots of puzzles and drawings.”

Tutee/Mentee 3
“At first I was on earth and then I was blasted into space with the stars! Meaning my level was good and now it’s on a whole new level!  I got to learn more about languages and use my creativeness to write some amazing stories. we have achieved writing a pile of stories and putting it into a book. It was so much fun; she has helped me a lot.”

“Each relationship varies, but in the end I am working towards the same goal, I want the tutee to be inspired. I want them to enjoy the work they are doing and not feel like I am telling them they have to do it. I have improved on my listening skills immensely and have learned different ways of explaining work to the tutee. My motivational skills have improved and tutees come to me now for advice on different things in their school lives.

I feel that everyone I tutor progresses at a different rate, however the tutees mentioned above I believe they have only improved and not looked back. Their confidence has increased and they are ready to tackle any aspect of their school work. That leap in their grades has made me grin from ear to ear and has made me so proud.”

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