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Our development support is designed to offer your organisation or project specific advice tailored to your needs. We can conduct a full audit of your project and work with you to develop a continuous improvement plan. We can also help you with reviewing and developing particular aspects of your project.

We also provide additional consultancy support for projects that are working towards the Approved Provider Standard (APS). When you register for APS, you can access the APS support package, which includes a self-assessment tool, the opportunity to attend a support workshop and a 45 minute telephone support call. Additional support can help you with any specific development issues in your project e.g. working with you on any development points arising from your self-assessment or APS assessment visit.

We can offer:

  • An audit or ‘health check’ of your current project to help you identify gaps and develop a continuous improvement plan
  • The facility to benchmark your project to other similar projects
  • One-to-one support to develop a particular aspect of your project
  • APS support i.e. helping you to meet the APS requirements and prepare for assessment

We have also designed our consultancy so you can choose a package that suits you.  We will discuss the support with you beforehand and tailor a package to support your needs.  To give you an idea about how much our consultancy costs we have put together a pricing table.

To find out more contact NCVO Mentoring and Befriending on 020 7520 2443 or complete our consultancy enquiry form and return it by email to infomandb@ncvo.org.uk. By completing this enquiry form you will also help us to quickly identify and respond to your consultancy needs.



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M&B APS Standard
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M&B Training
Tel: 020 7520 2587
Email: training@ncvo.org.uk

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